Bike is ready to go!

Rick is settled in, the bike has all its proper decals on it and scrutineering is complete.  Now he’s just having a good dinner, getting some rest and preparing for the start of the race.  Tomorrow he will be doing the final touches, the mandatory meetings and ceremonial events.  There are several days of work onsite to do for these races before the racing begin.

Here is the list of competitors in the moto, quad and car divisions (, I have to admit I was happy to not see the big rigs on this list!  Go #25!!!!!


Prepping the bike for The Desafio Ruta 40

Race bike ready to go for The Desafio Ruta 40

Rick placing the race # in just the right spot!

Rick’s bike along side David Casteu’s (in the background)


Bike in scrutineering

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