Baja Rally 2015 Sep 28-Oct 2

Next week I will be competing in the Baja Rally  based out of Ensenada Mexico.  Just getting there is a feat in itself.  4 Canadians from BC and Alberta are all converging in Vegas to convoy down to Mexico through the Tiajuana border.  It should be half the challenge.



Then after scruteneering on Monday the fun starts in the dunes and roads around Ensenada on a Dakar style navigation rally.  You can follow my progress through the Baja rally website or click Here.

I want to thank my sponsors for all of the support over the years to get me to three major rallies this year including the Desafio Ruta 40 in Argentina.  It has been a wild ride.



Road to the Rally sponsors 2015:

White and Peters autobody supply

Craftsman Collision

Jim Pattison Autogroup

Jim Pattison Lease

Lordco Parts

Alpha Neon Signs

Konflict Motorsports



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