Bike is ready to go!

Rick is settled in, the bike has all its proper decals on it and scrutineering is complete.  Now he’s just having a good dinner, getting some rest and preparing for the start of the race.  Tomorrow he will be doing the final touches, the mandatory meetings and ceremonial events.  There are several days of work onsite to do for these races before the racing begin.

Here is the list of competitors in the moto, quad and car divisions (, I have to admit I was happy to not see the big rigs on this list!  Go #25!!!!!


Prepping the bike for The Desafio Ruta 40

Race bike ready to go for The Desafio Ruta 40

Rick placing the race # in just the right spot!

Rick’s bike along side David Casteu’s (in the background)


Bike in scrutineering

May 16, 2015 update – getting to Desafío Ruta 40 – Revival of the wife blog

It’s been a long 24+ hours of travelling, but Rick has made it to Argentina.  Made it to Dallas without much excitement but then the current string of bad luck with flights continued.  Although relatively minor … the Dallas to Miami flight had mechanical issues that required them to turn around on the runway (deja vu), but only ran him an hour late.  Although, when you time the next three flights just perfectly, an hour late can be a nightmare.  Made it to Miami with 40 minutes to catch the plane and he was very concerned that his gear wouldn’t, it but finally the bad luck with travel kind of turned into good luck …. another delay (due to a damaged part) = all the gear made it!  Next up … 9 hour flight to Buenos Aires!  Great sleeping arrangements!  Finally … he made it to Catamarca.  Most of the riders were on the plane.  Pretty cool!  The top Honda Team is there so lots of elite riders.  What a great experience. – Bonnie (if you have any questions please feel free to email me at


Gear on the road in Argentina

Gear on the road in Argentina

Quick Shot of Buenos Aires

Quick Shot of Buenos Aires