Dakar dream is over for now…

What a year.  I must start by saying a word of thanks to my wife and family for the unwavering support of this adventure.  I also want to thank my sponsors that have supported my over the last 8 years on my journey to the 2010 Dakar and the lead up to the 2016 Dakar.

I worked tirelessly during the 2014-2015 riding seasons all around North and South America to prepare for the 2016 Dakar.  After I watched the footage of the 2015 season I knew that the racing was going to be very difficult.  Last year there were days that were below zero plus the usual days over 50C, there was mud and salt lakes and fesh fesh powdered sand coming out of the ying yang! So i got to work on my physical training and riding.


I rode the Desafio Ruta 40 Dakar series race in Argentina this spring and it was a tough one.  I made it to the end but just barely after crashing hard on day one and breaking the foot peg of on the left side and severely bending the handle bars.  17843868836_1e5e1d2b09_z 17817062736_08020ff4e1_z


During the year I had some great rally navigation and riding practice during the Rocky Mountain Rally in Utah and the Rally Pan Am Rally school in Reno.  During the summer months I kept in shape racing Triathlon in the Ironman Canada in Whistler BC and the Challenge Half Iron in Penticton BC.  Yes my wife beat me in the half Ironman but that is beside the point.


12139971_10205146643369257_8399088768269153618_o Baja Rally sand wash 12091206_10205150764712288_8170645196522657964_o rally pan am rally pan am bikes